Jay Sean - "Down" available on June 30th 2009

Jayded Souljas...

The wait is nearly over!

Jays BRAND NEW US single, "Down" featuring Lil Wayne will be available for download on iTunes USA from Tuesday 30th of June!

And listen up all of ya! Real talk! We know that some of you have already gone and copped the track FOR FREE! ;)
But the only way to support your boy and help him crack America is to get online and download the track LEGALLY on iTunes USA!

So if you wanna see JS blowin up stateside and hear some of the wicked tracks he's got lined up with Kevin Rudolf, Jared Cotter, Cash Money family and many more, then you gotta get out there and help the track blow up the Billboards!

...so we gotta ask ya, "are you Down?"

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